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Welcome to Housey Pharma:

Housey Pharma is a private corporation engaged in pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical technology creation, and technology licensing. We are a group of dedicated scientists, physicians, and business professionals whose singular goal is to invent and develop powerful new drug discovery and creation technologies and to utilize these and other technologies for the discovery and development of novel therapeutic, preventive medicines and nutritional supplements.

Our primary focus is on creating new medicines for human diseases that are either currently untreatable or only partially treatable with existing therapies. One of the technologies developed by our scientists has been licensed and is in use by the majority of the world’s top research-based pharmaceutical companies.

Through the integration of multiple, diverse technologies in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, and computer science, we believe that it will eventually be possible to develop medicines to cure or maintain durable long-term remissions for many of the diseases which are responsible for premature mortality in the world today.

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