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Drug Discovery TECHNOLOGY Platform

House Pharma is actively licensing its core-enabling technologies for drug discovery to major pharmaceutical research organizations around the world.  The patented technologies are particularly useful for “undruggable” and problematic protein targets.  The technology platform enables the creation of target-specific cell-based assay systems based upon the use of selected technologies in biochemistry, cell-biology and molecular genetics.

These technologies pertain to cell-based assay methods that include discovering compounds that overcome drug-resistant cancers, generalized drug discovery, and new drug lead optimization.  Housey Pharma has particular expertise in the development and application of cell-based assays that are used to expedite the identification of novel drugs that act on selected targets and in the optimization of drug candidates to treat those targets effectively while minimizing off-target effects.

We encourage interested research companies to evaluate the benefits of our platform technology, and to contact us if your organization would like to discuss out-licensing our drug discovery technologies.  Click here for an overview of the technology available for licensing, as well as a list of the patent families included in the portfolio.

In-Licensing/Technology Acquisition

Our company is actively interested in acquiring or co-developing new pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements in areas of interest to us with respect to our current projects, as well as in other areas of medical research. If you have potential technologies that you believe would be of interest to us, feel free to contact us at any time.

Contact us with any questions you may have about technology acquisition and in-licensing opportunities with our company.

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