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State-of-the-Art Drug Discovery Technologies

Microscope for TestsIn our laboratories, we integrate a variety of scientific methods in biology, chemistry, genetics and computer science in the course of our pharmaceutical research and development efforts. One important element of our drug discovery research is the implementation of cell-based assay technology, a core enabling technology invented by Dr. Gerard Housey. By creating or utilizing a cell that overproduces a selected protein of interest, cell-based assay systems may be designed so that chemical agents that interact with (bind to) and inhibit or activate the cellular functioning of the target protein may be identified as potentially useful new medicines.

Using advanced cell-based assay technology, we design assay systems that also function as disease models to emulate a given human disease process outside the body. Using these models, we are able to evaluate the results obtained with primary drug screens performed by us or others, and utilize such findings for a variety of purposes. These include assisting in lead optimization, making determinations regarding ideal therapeutic target proteins, evaluating potential compounds from third parties for possible in-licensing by us, analyzing the benefits and problems (including side effects) of currently available medications in order to assist in the development of improved forms of treatment, and determining the potential clinical uses for a given new molecular entity.

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